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EthnoKino Film Festival 2023

A Family Portrait /
Damn the Dams

Saturday, 2 December, 9:30 pm

Q&A with the filmmakers

A Family Portrait

Documentary, Germany/India 2022, 4 min, Director: Shubham Sharma English

A Family Portrait

An auto-ethnographic film that explores the sensory relationship between distance and memory and what role they play in an immigrant’s experience of migration. After finding a family portrait on my phone one evening in Germany, I felt a longing for my hometown. I wanted to make a film about it. But how can you talk about your family portrait without talking about the reality they inhabit? They’re the sum of the people and environment they come from.

Damn the Dams

Documentary, Turkey 2012, 46 min, Director: Özlem Sarıyıldız & Osman Şişman Turkish with English Subtitles

Hydroelectric plant trouble stroke Erzurum Bagbasi, along with many others. Legal and physical struggle of several years has turned against the habitants, due to the pressure of the contractor. One of the unbelievable verdicts is for Leyla, an 17-year-old girl: she is prohibited from talking to any villagers. Villagers who faced state violence for the very first time in their lives, though sentenced to silence and thirst, naturally, continue their everyday lives.

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EthnoKino Film Festival 2023

2–5 December

EthnoKino Film Festival 2023

Dedicated to visionaries and pioneering storytellers across the globe, we are an international action community of practice, working towards systemic change through the power of authentic and meaningful storytelling. Our catalytic home cinema of the commons and commoning film practices intend to co-create a nourishing influential mov(i)ement for societal cohesion and to enact integral transformation for deep planetary impact.

In 2023 we designate the EthnoKino film festival’s theme as “resilient”. We explore how human beings around the world interpret and manifest resilience. The various ways they resist, disobey and practice strength and hope in the face of adversity, challenges and injustices. From forcefully displaced populations to those born strangers to their own communities, those change-makers transforming and transcending the societies they are part of; through social initiatives, educational projects, co-creative engagements of art and poetry, and other interventions, we will explore what resilience means in its full humanity and wholeness.

Overall, in a world of immense interactions and global technological advancements, accompanied by unprecedented movements, colonialism, climate change, war and conflicts, we will look and continue to create inspiring stories addressing the world’s biggest problems in search of solutions to planetary challenges.

Festivals Community Bern, Mexico City & Berlin 2023:
Eda Elif Tibet, Cihan Elci, Melike Atmanoğlu, Mahroo Movahedi, Kai Matthiesen, Ama Vanessa, Sarah Keller, Senol Sen, Inanc Tekguc.

Before the first screening on Saturday, 2 december:
Mediterranean Apero from 5:00 pm
supported by Baba Food

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