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Vierte Welle Filmfestival presents:

Latinx Pride

Short Film Exhibition (OmeU)

To Dance Again
Scene from “To Dance Again”


Colombia, 18:56 min, directed by Sara Asprilla Palomino

Doroty's dream was to dance and be recognized as the woman she was but death came first. Her best friend Misael, a 60 year old gay man, will make it happen. Misael forms the first diverse folk dance group, questioning traditions that are defended by cultural values in order to erase their queerness.


Colombia, 1:50 min, directed by Sófocles Echeverri

Breathing and expecting a tender reflection, seeing ourselves on the other side of the mirror.
First, breathing, and then, a loving reflection on the encounter that is mirror.

To Dance Again

Chile, 10:48 min, directed by Pamela Simeone & María José Mariscal

After breaking up due to long distance, Camila (23) calls Javiera (25) for her birthday to know if they can restart their relationship. However Camila ignores Javiera is already with somebody else

Noctilucas – Poems in the Night

Uruguay, 6:17 min, directed by Nicolas Sequeira

Alberto Restuccia, a Uruguayan director and actor, recites a very vivid poem.

Lost Queen

Chile, 28:14 min, directed by Ignacio Juricic

18-year-old Rodrigo is arrested by the police in a televised raid on the club where he works as a drag queen.

Dancing Queen

Argentina, 4:28 min, directed by Flor cualquiera

A night. A party. A revolution. Who will know what to do?

Cracks Will Come

Colombia, 18:05 min, directed by Daniel Mateo Vallejo

Keisi wakes up one morning with the obsession of escaping into the thick of nature that has been stalking her lately. A photograph as fantasy; the art gallery that exhibits it as a nightmare.

Total Time: 148 min


Vierte Welle Filmfestival presents:

Latinx Pride

11–25 July

Vierte Welle Filmfestival präsentiert: Latinx Pride

Welcome to Latinx Pride, a Vierte Welle Film Festival side event dedicated to celebrating and promoting diversity, inclusion and gender equality in the film industry.
In commemoration of Pride Month, we continue to be a vital space to highlight the talents of Latin American filmmakers who challenge established norms and explore new narratives that reflect their vision on sexual diversity in all its forms.

On July 11, 18 and 25 our audience will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a captivating selection of feature-length documentaries and an exhibition of short films that address issues of the LGBTQ+ community in Latin America.

We hope you enjoy the diversity of stories we have to offer and that you join us in this first edition of Latinx Pride!

Vierte Welle Film Festival is based in Berlin and, since 2019, aims to give visibility to Queer artists and FLINTA* to raise awareness about gender inequality, the fight against discrimination, and the prevention of prejudices through citizen participation. Through fiction, documentary, and experimental audiovisual projects in short format. The work team consists of FLINTA* people with a migrant background and feminist activists from various organizations based in Berlin.

“Vierte Welle” is created as a safe space for viewing and discussion of audiovisual content of a philosophical, political, economic, social, ecological and cultural nature, whether academic or not.

The festival is organized and exists thanks to Karne Kunst in collaboration with Sorora e.V. and Xochicuicatl e.V.


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