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Too Drunk to Watch
X. Punkfilmfest Berlin

Ignore Heroes – The True Sounds of Liberty

+ Kurzfilm

Samstag, 16. September, 22:15 Uhr

USA 2023, 120 min, directed by Jack Grisham

Ignore Heroes – The True Sounds of Liberty tells the story of the original T.S.O.L. through interviews with the surviving members and those who were there with them in the madness of the early Californian punk rock scene. Frontman, author, and provocateur Jack Grisham takes the audience on a freewheeling tour of his personal hell in a series of anecdotes that are equal part demented TED talk and stand up comedy. T.S.O.L. took the visceral energy of surfing, the violence of skateboarding, and created a heady brew of music that stood apart from the t-shirt and ripped jeans esthetic of the day. T.S.O.L. brought style to the nascent punk rock scene and quickly evolved their sound while drawing thousands to their shows. Initially derided for adding keyboards to their hardcore sound, T.S.O.L.’s music now sounds visionary and ahead of its time. There are no celebrity cameos, only people who were in the band’s inner circle. The band members themselves discuss their wild descent from punk rock legends to prison, addiction, deaths – and back again, to continuing to play sold out shows around the world 40 years later.

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Too Drunk to Watch
X. Punkfilmfest Berlin

13.–17. September

Das Punkfilmfest Berlin ist zurück und zeigt wieder einige Deutschland- und Berlin-Premieren, die alle mit Punk, Anarchie und Widerstand zu tun haben. Dazu gibt es Kurzfilme, Live-Konzerte, eine Lesung und Filmgespräche!

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