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EXBERLINER presents:


Ithaka – A Fight to Free Julian Assange

Thursday, 27 October

with guests

EXBERLINER’s monthly film rendez-vous serves up the the latest film contribution in the fight for Julian Assange’s liberty. Focusing on the family of the “free” West’s most famous political prisoner, the documentary highlights the private price demanded by a public lie. Stay on for a discussion with the EXBERLINER team and a glass of wine.

Documentary, Australia/UK 2021, 110 min, directed by Ben Lawrence

Ithaka – A Fight to Free Julian Assange
© New Docs

Ithaka is the latest film contribution in the noble fight for Julian Assange. Produced by Assange’s brother, and directed by fellow Australian Ben Lawrence, the documentary follows Assange’s father John Shipton’s fight to get his son out of London’s high-security Belmarsh prison, and to save him from a possible life sentence, should he be extradited to the US.

Shipton is a retired builder, an aloof man of few words and existential stoicism, more at ease with quoting Homeric wisdom, than answering questions about his relationship with his once estranged son. Yet Shipton’s courage dominates the film as he – alongside Assange’s wife Stella Moris – reluctantly steps into the media spotlight, embarking on his own odyssey through Europe to gather support.

The film ends in early 2021, with the temporary relief of a London judge rejecting Assange’s extradition. But things have since turned for the worst. Today John, Stella and her two children are facing the prospect of losing a loved one forever. Meanwhile it’s freedom of the press we’re gambling with, and could well be losing soon.

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