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Department of Anarchy – Cinema Assaults 2023

Thursday, 8 June, 10:00 pm

Double Blind
Still from “Double Blind No. 1”

Department of Anarchy’s Short Cinema Assaults are curated programs of short films that provoke, disturb and intoxicate.

The Department of Anarchy began as a modest short film showcase at Slamdance in 2012. Curated by underground filmmakers Noel Lawrence and Burke Roberts, the selection emphasized the DIY roots and punk-rock spirit of the festival in its earliest days. Diving headlong into the festival’s vast submission pool, Burke and Noel searched for the wildest and weirdest specimens of cinematic subversion.
Within a couple years, their screenings began to sell out. The take-no-prisoners curatorial style of the program struck a nerve, drawing raucous and enthusiastic audiences in search of something different from Sundance’s middle­-of-the-road “indie” programming.

Until now, this cult curation has only reared its ugly head at Slamdance’s festival in Park City and those lucky enough to catch special screenings in LA, Paris, or Berlin. However, we now share our sickness with audiences worldwide!

Anarchy Filmmakers are the black sheep of the cinematic herd. Their films are not produced for the entertainment industry. They are produced in spite of the entertainment industry. This ongoing curation gives a platform to cutting edge works that subvert the status quo – subconsciously, politically, sexually, stylistically, and commercially. Though diverse in every respect, these films all scream a simple message from the rooftops: Fuck the System!


Double Blind No. 1

Australia 2015, 1:40 min, The Double Blind Experiments

Five VFX artists set out to test the theory that a line-art technique relying on chance could be applied to a motion piece.

A Peaceful Man

Australia 2015, 4:46 min, Harrison Norris

Beaten within an inch of his life, a peaceful man has a gruesome epiphany through violence.

Something About Silence

Germany 2016, 13:03 min, Patrick Buhr

You are here because you are boring. Let the audio-visual experience sink into your subconscious in order to become more exciting and fashionable.

Dog in The Woods

USA 2019, 5:35 min, Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman

A downtrodden house dog escapes into the woods at night to follow the psychedelic temptations of the natural world.


USA 2019, 1:18 min, Robert Broadhurst

Sacco de Bambino Erotico.

Your Houseplants are Screaming

USA 2022, 7:20 min, Benjamin Roberds

Human houseplants are held captive by a giant plant creature. Confined to their pots, the houseplants struggle to comprehend the horror of being shelf ornaments in a grotesque hell house made of flesh, meat, muscle and bone.

Beyond Noh

USA 2021, 3:55 min, Patrick Smith

Thousands of masks from around the world, at 24 masks per second, brings us along a journey through culture, utility, and deviance.


Germany 2022, 16:20 min, Steffen Köhn, Johannes Büttner

Is yesterday’s science fiction today’s social documentary? Real stories from gig-workers in the delivery sector intertwine with Neal Stephenson's cyberpunk classic Snow Crash.

Wawd Ahp

USA 2014, 2:44 min, Josh Chertoff

A man raps, cuts his head off, and has sex with it. There is also a cartoon.

- - - Intermission - - -

Note: While this short film program runs less than two hours, it is best enjoyed with a rest period due to the visual intensity of the work.

Scarlet Red

Netherlands 2022, 13:16 min, Toon Loenders

A retro-futuristic reinvention of the Edgar Allen Poe story, “The Masque of Red Death.”

Carnal Orient

2016 USA, 8:11 min, Mila Zuo

A cook serves exotic dishes to his hungry, impatient guests. Suddenly the arrival of a mysterious Asian woman re-ignites their insatiable appetite.

Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket

USA 2022, 6:08, Chris Friend

Kate Shaw is massively frustrated. She has several shipments of experimental Emote Cartridges past due for delivery to the World Wellness Watch, the current one-world government. Kate is going to miss the deadline. Execution is likely.

Ape Sodom

Canada 2016, 14:13 min, Maxwell McCabe

Three degenerates navigate the descending hierarchy of post- consumerist enlightenment.

Perfect Town

Switzerland 2019, 4:25 min, Anaïs Voirol

In search of perfection a city obeys blindly to selection.

Catastrophe Anthem

USA 2021, 8:24 min, Christopher Hewitt

The end of the world isn't going to be an apocalyptic explosion. It's going to be our minds, descending into chaos.


USA 2016, 6:02 min, Brian Lonano

A recently released criminal is looking for a good time. He can forget his sins but he can never forget… Gwilliam.

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