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Vierte Welle Film Festival

Body Neutrality

Saturday, 16 March, 8:00 pm

Q&A with directors

Szenenbild: »Dog Days«

Whenever most people think of a body, they think about it with some kind of conflict. Can a body be neutral? Which bodies can be neutral? Which bodies are comfortable with neutrality?
Recently, Body Positive policies have tried to make the body a “friendly place for all”, but is that possible? Can a body not be positive and be OK? Social factors must be kept in mind: oppression of our ethnicity, skin color, weight, disability, gender, sexuality, and class, among others. So what status does a body have in the face of neo-capitalist assimilation of our feelings and existences? Whenever we think about a body, from childhood to old age, we probably have more questions than answers.
This category proposes a group of voices and a range of bodies that are hardly neutral but which together construct a collective gaze to continue asking ourselves questions: What mysteries does a body harbour?
(Inmensidades, curator)

Dog Days

United Kingdom, 8:50 min, Director: Carlotta Beck Peccoz

The Mirror

Bolivia, 3:53 min, Director: Juliane Müller Seborga


Denmark, 18:59 min, Director; Sofie Krogh Grud

Video Letter for an Unloved

Argentina, 12:03 min, Director: Lea Pompom

Don't Ask Me Anything

Germany, 11:30 min, Director: Aliyah Patillo


Argentina, 11:22 min, Director: Julieta Tetelbaum

Remains of Myself

Argentina, 4:42 min, Director: Cabri Lynch


Spain, 13:16 min, Director: Cristian Sitjas

Phat Girl

USA, 8:13 min, Director: Rosemarie Wilson

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Vierte Welle Film Festival

16+17 March

Vierte Welle Film Festival 2024

Welcome to the Vierte Welle Film Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating and promoting diversity, inclusion and gender equality in the film industry. In its 4th edition, our festival continues to be a vital space to highlight the talents of filmmakers from around the world who challenge established norms and explore new narratives that reflect their vision of feminism in all its forms.

On 15, 16 and 17 March, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a captivating selection of films that address a wide range of related themes from Berlin, Ecofeminism, Body Neutrality, Me Too to Trans Lives Matter.
In addition to screening films, the festival offers a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas through panel discussions, talks and special events.

We hope you enjoy the diversity of stories our festival has to offer, and that you will join us in celebrating the power of film to inspire, educate and promote change.
Thank you for joining us for this new edition of the Festival!

Anahi Mou & Gabriela Gioia
Co-directors of the Vierte Welle Film Festival



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