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Vierte Welle Film Festival

Me Too

Sunday, 17 March, 6:00 pm

Q&A with directors

Szenenbild: »Heirlooms«

The “Me Too” movement has been a milestone in raising awareness about sexual violence. With its origins in the work of activist Tarana Burke, and then popularized by actor Alyssa Milano, the movement has sparked important discussions about the methods of sexual assault and harassment, their connections to power, and the urgent need for cultural change.
Although Burke began using the phrase “me too” to encourage victims/survivors of sexual violence to find “empowerment through empathy” in their own communities, and Milano used it to demand a transparent discussion about the extent of male violence in Hollywood, both activists emphasized that victims/survivors are not alone and offered them a platform of collective support.
This VWFF short film category, however, focuses on the moments when victims/survivors become aware of their condition as such; the key phase when there is an awakening and they are finally able to respond to the violence and choose their own destiny.
Through a careful selection of short films, this category seeks to present stories of women who face different forms of violence and find the courage to reclaim their own power and dignity.
With this selection, we invite audiences to reflect on the importance of recognizing abuse, breaking the silence, and taking action to heal. In a world where sexual violence is still a reality, it is crucial to support and amplify the voices of victims/survivors. These voices are the inspiration for lasting cultural change in our communities and societies.
(Barbara Bielitz, curator)

Dance in Circles

USA, 8:55 min, Director: Yuming Zhang

The One-Way Ticket

Germany-Iran, 10:11 min, Director: Melika Rezapour


Germany, 5:44 min, Director: Gina Carroccia


Afghanistan, 12:26 min, Director: Zahra Mojahed

Those Who Heal

France, 12:21 min, Director: Melina Charlot


Indonesia, 16:59 min, Director: Devina Sofiyanti


Brazil, 10 min, Director: Joana Claude

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Vierte Welle Film Festival

16+17 March

Vierte Welle Film Festival 2024

Welcome to the Vierte Welle Film Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating and promoting diversity, inclusion and gender equality in the film industry. In its 4th edition, our festival continues to be a vital space to highlight the talents of filmmakers from around the world who challenge established norms and explore new narratives that reflect their vision of feminism in all its forms.

On 15, 16 and 17 March, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a captivating selection of films that address a wide range of related themes from Berlin, Ecofeminism, Body Neutrality, Me Too to Trans Lives Matter.
In addition to screening films, the festival offers a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas through panel discussions, talks and special events.

We hope you enjoy the diversity of stories our festival has to offer, and that you will join us in celebrating the power of film to inspire, educate and promote change.
Thank you for joining us for this new edition of the Festival!

Anahi Mou & Gabriela Gioia
Co-directors of the Vierte Welle Film Festival



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